Movie Night Pop at Home Kit


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Nothing beats freshly cooked popcorn, and although we wish we could set up in your living room to pop you fresh popcorn for your movie marathon, it would be extremely expensive.  Not to worry, we have the ultimate cook at home packs.  Each box contains 1.3kg of Butterfly Style Popping Kernels (Like at the movies) and a jar of classic movie theater style Salted Butter seasoning.

You can pop them in your popcorn machine, or for a tastier popcorn, pop them in some oil such as Coconut Oil, Peanut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil or Olive Oil (not extra-virgin)*.  Once popped, tip them into a bowl and lightly season, mix and eat!  You can also add a small amount of the Salted Butter seasoning to the oil you pop your popcorn in to give it a bigger butter flavour!



*Oil should have a high smoke point of 220 degrees or higher.

Seasoning Jars by Doc Popcorn:
Use what the professionals use with DocPopcorn Popcorn Shots seasonings.  Be in control of how strong you want the flavour.  Available in a plastic jars you can keep air-tight. These seasonings taste great on chips and fried chicken too!

This kit only includes 1 Salted  Butter Seasoning Jar

Doc Popcorn

Doc Popcorn is a sub-brand of Popcorn Man.  Fix your popcorn with DocPopcorn.

Weight3 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × 12 cm


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Movie Night Pop at Home Kit