Popcorn Man has a very strong following, and the people who have had Popcorn Man popcorn tend to get excited and committed to buy week after week.  We offer wholesale popcorn orderable online in 3 litre, tamper-proof stand-up pouches.  Shelf life is 30 days and each order is popped fresh for you right before you need it.

We are a 5 star Eat Safe, fully manufacturer licensed and insured popcorn business, following all guidelines to allow us to legally provide popcorn wholesale.  Our wholesale bags provide up to 100% markup at the RRP.  Once you set up a customer account online, each of your orders are averaged for monthly purchase quantities.  The more you buy over time, the bigger the discount and the bigger your profits.

Our team are in the process of acquiring state of the art packaging machines to help extend shelf life to up to 6 months – stay tuned.

Feel free to get in touch with Joe to discuss any questions you may have.