Fundraisers for Schools and Charities

Have you thought about popcorn as a fundraiser? A common fundraiser for schools is chocolate. However there are many people who cannot tollerate dairy or require gluten free, let alone consumers who seek something healthier than chocolate.

Our fundraising popcorn is a great alternative. Give us a call to discuss your fundraising requirements.

Some of our options

There are a few ways we can help you with your fundraiser. If your event is expected to have more than 1,000 visitors, then it may be best to have us there and provide you with a percentage of takings. This is the most common way for events such as school fetes, and sporting carnivals.

Another common fundraiser is pre-purchasing catering bags of popcorn, and sell them with a big profit margin, below we explain how you can do this.

Catering Bag Option

How? – Work out how many people will be attending your event and how many portions you require. We will then provide you with a supply of our 32 litre ‘Catering Bags’. These are available in the following flavours: Sweet n Salty (our signature and most popular flavour) or Simply Salty, Sweet or Plain.

Then all you have to do is sell cups of popcorn on the day. The more you sell the better for you.

How much can you make?  This depends on how you sell it, see the chart below.

To give you an example of how this fundraising option could work for you, we sell our 1 litre cups full of popcorn for $4 each. If you were to buy one catering bag (approx 32 Litres) you could sell 32 x 1 ltd cups, equating to approx $128.00 in sales. That’s a 113% profit margin. We suggest that you buy smaller cups either 250ml or 500ml to increase your profit even more.

Profit Per Catering Bag

 CostInitial investment         Cups + PopcornNo. ServesRRPTotal SalesProfit%Profit
Catering Bag Popcorn 40 litre$55      
Cost of cups       
1 Litre Cups$15$7040$5$200$130185%
500ml Cups **$20$7580$3.50$280$205273%
250ml Cups **$25$80160$2$320$240300%

** currently we can supply 1ltr popcorn cups only, other sizes will have to be purchased from another source. Cup prices is indicative only **

We need at least one week’s notice prior to your event, as we only make our popcorn at the markets and events. You will be able to collect the catering bags from any of our stalls that we have at the various markets on, or prior to your event date, or arrange collection from us on the Gold Coast & Brisbane.

Please order your catering bags online to confirm your order requirements.

Have a look at Upcoming Events to see which events and markets we are attending. These do change and some are yet to be added, so contact us to arrange a pickup location closest to your event.