Corporate Events

Looking for all the show and smell of the best freshly cooked popcorn ? We can be at your next Corporate/Special event?

Sure you can have a popcorn machine, but if you want something with awesome flavour and have it made fresh onsite, then you want PopcornMan there! Our popcorn has earned a reputation for the best popcorn around.

Whether it’s our famous Sweet’n’Salty popcorn that is lightly glazed in a sweet and salty coating. Our Himalayan Salt…Mmmm delicately salted with a himalayan pink salt or our to die for Salted Caramel. Your firstly taken with a taste of salt followed by a thick coating of carmel… Yum!  We can cook all this on location in a big cauldron (the kettle).  The Smell is unreal! We’ll have all you patrons wanting more.

Popcorn is a very popular snack  that people enjoy and share when watching concerts, and our popcorn is a step above that because many people don’t like the stuff you get at the cinemas.  It is also a healthier choice than what is typically available such as fairy floss or chips.

We are always interested in attending all types of events – from small half day events right to the big week or even month long events. Together we can make it a success for both parties and more importantly make great memories for the patrons attending. If you would like us to attend, or have any questions please contact us so we can discuss options and make it work.  To help make it easier, we have listed a description of requirments Popcorn Man has as well as a brief description of our stall and what we can offer.

Popcorn Man stall setup information for event organisers

Popcorn Man’s stall is fully self sufficient without the need for electricity. Our huge popper (the kettle) is heated by gas, and stirred by man power giving the popcorn an authentic taste as well as providing a great show leaving many spectators go Wow at the end. Our stalls have the following facilities to adhere to and go beyond the councils’ food standards requirements:

  • 3x3m, 6x3m or 6x6m solid and weighted down marquee which does not pocket rain water and cause a collapse hazard.
  • Floor not only to stop food contamination, but also prevent oil stains if a spill did occur. This also allows us to leave our site spotless when we are done.
  • Four walls, enclosed preventing access by public (i.e. children) to the hot popping machine.
  • All required safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets etc.
  • Each operator also holds a Food Safety Supervisors Certificate.
  • Each machine has a AGA (Australian Gas Authority) certificate. This is a requirement than many of our competition are lacking posing a potential risk to public as well as voiding their insurance policies.
  • Hand washing facilities etc…

In order to remain safe and within the Health and Safety act, Popcorn Man stalls do require a mostly level and flat ground. This is required for the large and hot popcorn manchine as well as reducing trip hazards for stall operators. An additional 60cm behind the stall is required for our gas bottles to be outside the stall for gas safety as well as adding an extra emergency escape exit.

Due to the nature of the over-sized cooker, it does tend to create a bit of popcorn smelling smoke and steam. We can therefore only be situated outside or in well ventelated areas. For example the Brisbane Exhibition Centre should be fine due to the high ceiling. Please keep in mind that we don’t go well besides clothing stalls for example as the smell of popcorn gets into the fabric. As the smell of our Sweet popcorn is similar to that of fairy floss, we kindly request we are far enough away from any fairly floss stall as patrons get confused which one of us smells so good.

As our stalls have a lot of equipment to unload and load we would need approximately 1-1.5 hrs prior to commencement of the event, and around 1hr after the event to pack up. Our stalls are transported in a van or trailer, so extra space is required when loading. Please also note that the van is 2.35m high and we have had issues at some events with narrow lanes, low eves and low hanging power cables.

Generally speaking we are quick, easy to get along with and always tidy up after ourselves. If you have any other enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.